Consider checking out some of the cool stuff in this column. Some of it is comic related, some of it is gaming related, some of it has nothing to do with anything. We just think it's cool.

If you do try some of this stuff out, and you enjoy it, please take a second to let the artists know. And maybe tell them where you heard about it ;)



by Wendigo Publishing & Consulting, LLC.

We had the opportunity to playtest this at Necronomicon 2014 and found it to be an amazing game. I met creator Brian Fiore, who hosted the game and explained a little about what inspired him to create it. I think what drew me in immediately was its firm anchoring in hard science. Every card and ability has an analogy in a microbiology book. Balance seemed to be well thought out and there's a good kick in the ass for players who disregard their competition (I learned this the hard way).

Anyway, we all had a blast during the game's play and I highly recommend checking out this kickstarter and backing it.


Flesh of White

by Erica J. Heflin and Amanda Rachels.


I was absolutely floored with a read of the first two issues of this four issue mini-series. Amanda's style of illustration imprints the more memorable images into the back of your mind. You'll find them again when you're sleeping, which is the perfect style for this kind of rich and creepy South African tale about Tanzanian witchcraft and persecution. Erica's attention to detail and subtly in the implementation of black magic is really not to be missed.

If issues three and four are as solid as the first two, then this series will find a permanent place in my collection of all-time favorites.

When we do a reprise of our series (an idea which won't make sense to our readers yet, but which will be loosely based on the contents of Nick Dealtry's book) this is an artists I would love to work with.

Anyway, please check out and support their work here.


by Shane Carruth


With a budget of around $7,000, raw technical dialogue, and thought provoking story, this 2004 sleeper really stands out as something creative and unique. The thing is cram-packed with genius, undiluted, and distributed at a very quick pace.

Don't try to catch everything during a single watch. Give it two or three views for it to really sink it.

Check out the trailor and story here.


Wasteland 2

by Brian Fargo and inXile entertainment.

Consider this. You either know what it is or you don't. If you do. And if you enjoyed the original. Consider it.

If you haven't heard of the original and don't mind a thinking man's game. Consider the free dosbox version here:


Devil's Triangle

by Blake Casselman & B. C. Hailes.


Here's something else that comics with a little diamond on them can't give you. The art is raw. And strong. Objects in the foreground literally grab you. Nothing's been inked. But the pencils stand very nicely on their own. Hailes has a real talent for not dramatizing facial expressions. No one is posing. So they look a little confused. A little shocked. A little like you'd expect them to in a story like this.

Sorry. It's about a ghost ship. It's about the dead coming back. It's just getting started but it got my attention and I'm really looking forward to future issues.

Consider picking it up. For the time being, it seems to be cheaper on Amazon @ 6.95 per issues for #1-4 (48-ish pages each including sketches and so on), but it's on IndyPlanet too.

You can also check out Brian Hailes' blog, here.


Citizen in the Temple

by Jason Huls and Ten Wing Films

Citizen in the Temple (Teaser Trailer) from Ten Wing Films on Vimeo.

Ok, just a teaser for now, but give it a watch and if you like what you see, bookmark this page and check back for updates.

And like the project on facebook or check him out here.


Let's Go to Utah

by Dave Chrisholm.


This is a nine issues series which was rereleased as a trade paperback. A little suspension of disbelief is required (and not everything is explained as well as it might be, but this is part of its charm, I think), but it is an entertaining story with satisfying resolution. The philosophy presented by various characters varies from particularly insightful to 'getting a little deep'. If you don't mind having to think a little about the character's abilities and their effects on an unlikely story, I think you'll enjoy it.

Order it from Indyplanet here.

Or check out the writer's blog here.


American Sinner

by Glenn Møane and Edson Alves.


This was a pleasant surprise (in as far as any story with a snuff movie maker who is your protagonist can be pleasant). Kind of creepy, in a cold hearted way, and the story just leaves you feeling like you've really experienced something alien.

Order it from Indy Planet here

Or check out the writer's blog here.

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